I came. I saw. I did a little shopping.

Women. And their undying fetish for shopping. I belong to the same race, and like a majority of my kind, have a firm faith in the excercise. To the rest it may be acquiring goods in exchange of cash, but to us, it holds a broader picture and a deeper meaning. It is a therapy! And it works. Every. Freakin’. Time.

Pupils dilated from staring at the screen of your desk(lap)top. Eyes are sore. You need a break. You need a Kit-Kat. You plan to buy it from the cafeteria downstairs. Buy.. Buy! Long time since you bought a dress. Let’s do some shopping! You forget your Kit-Kat and sink back into your chair with a tiny surge of excitement building up inside you. Jabong, Myntra, Abof, Flipkart, Amazon, YEPME..and what not! You have so many options to explore. Spoilt for choice.

Omygawd I love these dresses! This pink princess look or the bold red one? The tangy green or the nascent beige? Nope, this royal blue one is out of the world. So is this golden one. Uh-oh. Maybe I will buy all six. But whoa..the prices. But maybe it is worth it? Or maybe it is not as great as it looks? Worth a shot?  Well, maybe I will save up for a couple of  months and then I can get it, but I must have it at all costs. You drool on. As you mentally try on that little black dress, you cheer up a bit. I will pair it up with strappy stilettoes. And a stringy silver anklet.What about the handbag? And the head gear? Maybe I will go a bit Gothic. All black. Smudges and tans. Thick lines of Kajal. Look at me! The Glam Doll that can make the busiest heads turn. You are smiling at the thought..smiling..till you are grinning from ear to ear! Yes I will definitely buy it. Or them. The mere prospect of owning that great dress rejuvinates you. You get back to work, now refreshed, mind you, without that Kit-Kat.


Every girl, well I guess quite a many, dream of a wardrobe full of clothes, each more classy than the other, and a closet full of matching shoes and of purses to go with every look she wants to carry. We fall in love with shoes, and dream about it for days on end.Sometimes I get the feeling that this shoe is meant for me, just like Cinderella’s little glass slipper. We try them on, click ourselves in them and relish the pretty picture right at our feet. And in a tragic turn of events, finally when we do muster the courage (and cash) to claim it, it goes out of fashion, and the whole world seems a a big fat lie.But on the other hand, when you get the same item at a discounted rate (it must still be in fashion) you feel like it was worth the wait. I have infact seen girls thank their stars when they finally manage to get their hands on a long cherished item, which has recently come within their scope of purchase.Girls are that crazy about shopping!

Shopping soothes us. Makes us happy. Just like the smell of a new book, or that of freshly cut grass, or the smell of rain soaked earth, that churns your insides so melodiously that you fall in love with it. You yearn for it. Fresh shopping smells similar. Weaves into our senses.And it becomes an experience.


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