Just Jokin’

Some jokes are so funny that you cannot stop yourself from ROFLing. Some others are so bad that that it becomes funny and you cannot stop yourself from ROFLing. In fact it is the Type 2 ones that never lose their flavour. You tell and re-tell them and they never get old. You recount it, and there you go LOLing again. It is pure fun to make fun of the unsuspecting mind and the uninhibited mouth that let it off as a joke. Especially for people like me, for whom strong friendships are built on the pillars of IBH (Insult based humour) it is food for the soul. Also be warned, this category of people (count me in) are very quick to notice any slip-of-tongue or any stupid or funny or stupidly funny gesture one makes. They remember it and at times when it is okay -or so they think- to embarrass their friends in public, they just let it go, and derive devilish pleasure out of the situation that their red-faced yet amused friend has been plonked into. Laughing hard with friends is one of the bestest feelings, but laughing AT them..wins hands down!

Type 1 , the genuinely funny ones need not be elucidated. We had all had plenty of those. But they are tricky, because they get into the skin. I don’t know about you, but I take the (dis)credit of disrupting a pin-drop-silence or a seemingly grave ambiance, with an abrupt HAHAHAHA and then coming back to the senses and being civil again. All thanks to my wandering and inattentive mind that out of the blue, decides to take a stop at a decade old memory that has got nothing to do, even remotely, to the present. Naivety. Agreed. But its a bother to keep a check on the self , when the self is physically in the present, but mentally at her much loved funzone. I choose, usually naivety over being discreet and usually pay the price by being banished from the said place.The little pangs of guilt are very soon and shamelessly forgotten though.

Among the rest are few of these:

  1. Agreeably funny (HAHAHAHmmm..)
  2. A-little-funny (HAHA, fullstop and silence)
  3. You-are-so-funny!-ask-me-out-please? (*all giggles*)
  4. His-crush-is-approaching-pretend-he-just-said-something-funny (Pity Laugh)
  5. You-are-so-naive,kid!  (Affectionate laugh)
  6. When-you-feature-opposite-RanbirKapoor (I don’t really buy it though)
Source: RK-Laugh

Jokes are healthy. Joking is wise! Free you up, don’t they? And aren’t they even more fun to recount?  So even if you don’t have an apple a day, get your free shot of fun and I promise it will work like magic ! A happy mind can do wonders. So keep LOLing and every time you feel not so great, try recounting the nonsense that can make you laugh. It feels good, so good!

PS: Feel free to share your views. Cheers!




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