You take My Breath Away


It was mid-June, past midnight. The perfect full moon, making the Mediterranean waters glow a soft silvery-white. Except for a dimly lit alley some 50 meters away, the only light in sight was that from a distant point source of a lighthouse. The sheer elegance of the brilliant silver beauty millions of miles above me and her twinkling company made the ambiance magical. The cool summer breeze caressed my skin and playfully ruffled my shoulder-length tresses. I inhaled deeply. The mild waft of the night made me feel so light from inside. It was silent all around, not a soul in sight. So I lay down on the shore, hands beneath my head and removed my glasses. I closed my eyes and let the sea waves do their thing. The breathtaking beauty. The chime of the sea waves as they flirted with the shore was a melody in itself. The Opera of that night. And I was the sole audience. As blue as ink-kissed water, the sky with its glittery adornments resonated with the sea, while the Moon stole the show. I lay there, stupefied by the sound of the silence, eerie and beautiful at the same time. Sparkling silver dots on blue and the soft hush of the waters that occasionally wetted my bare toes made me fall in love with the night.

It was straight out of the fairytales. The song and dance of the wavelets, the frolic of the breeze, the starglow and the enormity of the sky above blessing the earthlings with the touch of the moonbeam. Time seemed to have taken a stop too. Who could but not be enchanted by the magic woven? I did not bother taking a picture, knowing well that it would be a futility. No camera could ever capture the frame. I felt so alive and awake, and soaked it in with all my senses.

Nearly an hour had passed, when I reluctantly got up to return to the drabness of my hotel room. I could not bid it an immediate goodbye. It was like breaking up with an old lover. You cannot stay but you cannot leave. Its silent beckon holds you back for some more, that which can never fulfill your longing heart. I looked back and drank in its beauty with my impoverished eyes. Far away in the sea, a ship was sailing past. Although a beauty in the gleam of the moonlight, its enormity seemed so trivial from the shore. I was left to reflect how mighty these dark waters are: a mood swing and gigantic toys abreast could be reduced to nothingness in moments. How treacherous and deceptive these little playful waves at my feet are! One call from the mighty storm and all the drops in this expanse would rage in unison. Respect out of fear, I really felt that.

It was dangerously beautiful. Enriching. Endearing. Supremely bold. Something I had never experienced before. I felt so much at peace. I touched the waters for one last time as I got up to leave. I walked away, never turning back, hoping to return and delve in this luxury again and again.

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